Friday, July 20, 2012

Yak Sak bags are a road trip necessity

My family and I recently went on an extended road trip.  To be exact, we spent three days trapped in a car together as we drove from Utah to Pennsylvania.  And then back again. 

I would love to say that everything was perfect with no fighting or messes or upset tummies, but in reality, perfect road trips with two little kids just don’t happen.  It was a lot of “she took my toy” and “she’s touching me” and “I’m bored” and “are we there yet” interspersed with moments of actual bonding time singing and appreciating the amazing country that we live in.  But those passed quickly and then we were back to the messes of a family road trip. 
And wouldn’t you know it, of course I forgot to bring along my supply of Yak Sak bags. 

So instead of calmly handing my daughter a Yak Sak bag when she said she was feeling carsick, we had to pull off the freeway at a scary exit, wait for her to decide that she didn’t actually have to throw up, and then take another 15 minutes to get through a detour and back onto the freeway. 

Instead of having a place to put the stray crayons that somehow managed to multiply and hide in strange, hard-to-reach places, I ended up with colorful melted wax all over the car.

And it would have been nice to stash the random wrappers and sticky napkins in a Yak Sak bag, rather than having them swirl about the car and fly out the window when we needed some fresh air.  Just so you’re aware, they take littering very seriously in Iowa.

I have learned my lesson and will make sure for all my future road trips, whether long or short, that I have a few Yak Sak bags in the glove compartment and back seat pockets.  Next time there will be no scary exits with long detours, no melted crayon to scrape off later, and definitely no littering tickets in Iowa.  

To make your life a little easier too, head on over to and get a few Yak Sak bags for yourself. 

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